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Premium services in Ibiza this season 2022

Premium services in Ibiza this season 2022

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Summer is approaching and, as it could not be otherwise, Ibiza is back in the minds of hundreds of thousands of people who are looking for the perfect destination for a truly luxurious vacation.

We review with you the select and exclusive companies that are part of Ibiza Luxury Destination and offer you the best premium services this season 2022. A dream stay awaits you, because as you know... is being in Ibiza.

Stay in the best hotels in Ibiza

ibiza luxury accommodation 2022

The possibilities for overnight stays on the island are many and varied. However, in recent years luxury hotels in Ibiza occupy the imagination of the vast majority of visitors due to the high level of comfort they offer to their guests.

Whether it is the first time you visit us or if you are already a regular visitor to the White Island, you will be happy to know that excellence is the common denominator of the accommodations adhered to Ibiza Luxury Destination.

Because you deserve to enjoy a magical island from a spectacular location, right?

Fall in love with the most beautiful villas in Ibiza

luxury villas ibiza 2022

If what you are looking for is an intimate stay in the company of your loved ones, enjoying the natural surroundings of the island and with the comforts you would expect to have in your own home, opting for one of our partners' Ibiza villas is the most sensible option.

The portfolio of properties (available both for rent and for sale) from Ibiza Luxury Destination's partners is so impressive that it will make you hesitate not to extend your vacation here... forever.

The house of your dreams may be waiting for you on our island...

Move around Ibiza like a real VIP

luxury transportation ibiza 2022

The island vibrates on all four sides, especially in summer. The leisure, cultural and gastronomic offer of Ibiza is so extensive and dynamic that knowing how to move in a comfortable and practical way is essential to make the most of a first class vacation.

Don't worry: the members of our product club dedicated to transportation in Ibiza will provide you with the high standing service you are looking for for your trips.

High-end chauffeur-driven vehicles, luxury minibuses for your group, personalized transfers for your event... With Ibiza Luxury Destination's partners we guarantee that you will be in the right direction.

Immerse yourself in the most idyllic Mediterranean enclaves

nautica luxury ibiza 2022

There are few things in life that leave you with your mouth open at a glance. One of them is the spectacular turquoise of the Mediterranean waters that bathe our coasts. The panoramic views that you can enjoy with a boat in Ibiza are simply incomparable.

It is for that reason that Ibiza Luxury Destination counts among its partners with the best professionals dedicated to sailing in Ibiza. Whether you want a personalized charter or you are an avid sailor, this is an experience you can not miss

After all, life is more enjoyable in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Surround yourself with true luxury professionals in Ibiza

luxury services ibiza 2022

Disconnect on your vacation is essential. Connecting with the most prestigious professionals on the island, the raison d'être of Ibiza Luxury Destination.

Medical-aesthetic treatments, personal concierges, organization and entertainment of private events, ... You have a need, our partners provide you with the best luxury services in Ibiza.

We are aware that you want a perfect stay in every way and that is why we only surround ourselves (and make you surround yourself) with professionals with extensive experience and trajectory in Ibiza.

Take the essence of Ibiza back home with you

ibiza luxury stores 2022

Ibiza is an island to fall in love with. And the moment of leaving it (even temporarily) can be difficult to assume, unfortunately. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to take some of its essence back home?

For this purpose, the Ibiza stores that are part of our product club offer you "little pieces" of the island in different formats: perfumes, oils, natural cosmetic products...

So you will always carry Ibiza with you. Until you come back, of course.

Delight yourself with the richest gastronomy of the Balearic Islands.

luxury restaurants ibiza 2022

The title of this section may be somewhat pretentious, but anyone who has had the pleasure of eating in Ibiza can corroborate it: our gastronomy is unique in the archipelago and, today, famous throughout the world.

In Ibiza's restaurants you will enjoy delicious dishes with all your senses. A local product of the highest category, avant-garde techniques that complement traditional recipes, unique flavors of the Mediterranean, ...

It makes our mouths water just remembering that our island is a luxury gastronomic destination on its own merits.

Surprise yourself with the most famous nightlife of the world

nightlife luxury 2022

Universally known as the mecca of electronic music, Ibiza never ceases to amaze residents and visitors with its recreational offer. Talking about nightlife in Ibiza means talking about the best DJs, breathtaking establishments and shows at the level of the best performing arts companies.

Let yourself be carried along the path of pleasure and fantasy with the partners of Ibiza Luxury Destination: we assure you that the word "party" will reach a new meaning in any of the events they prepare every day for people like you.

We welcome you to Ibiza, we welcome you to the island of luxury!


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