Fomento del turismo de Ibiza

Ibiza Luxury Destination is a product club, launched by the Fomento del Turismo de la Isla de Ibiza association in 2010; it is a private organisation which aims to promote the island as a luxury tourist destination. The association works together with the tourism sector and various bodies, to promote Ibiza as a top luxury destination — as our slogan puts it, “Luxury is being in Ibiza”

The club’s members are select and exclusive companies drawn from different sectors. They must be approved by the club’s governing body, which assesses whether they have the experience and comply with the legal and quality standards that the club demands in order to guarantee the very best service to customers.

The Ibiza Luxury Destination brands work together to offer our visitors exclusive services to enable them to enjoy the island. If you’re thinking about making Ibiza the destination for your next trip or event, Ibiza Luxury Destination can be your best resource. Our group of business partners and their teams can quickly offer the best advice at no extra cost.


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