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ADLIB MODA IBIZA: dress with freedom, but with style

Ibiza is the source of inspiration for a free and natural way of life that is reflected in the Adlib Moda Ibiza brand. A style that came into being in 1971, as a philosophy of life, when the first hippies combined the island's traditional costumes with fabrics from around the world.

Today, Ibiza fashion has become a source of inspiration for the world’s best designers, and home to the almost 30 companies that are associated with this island brand.

The designs by Adlib Moda Ibiza have evolved, and they now present unique hand-crafted pieces that deserve to be referred to as “haute couture”.

Adlib - foto Daniel González

The Consell d’Eivissa, the local Government of the Island of Ibiza, is currently promoting the work of these Ibiza-based artists, each with their own workshop and a wide range of techniques, who have already become a benchmark for quality and sustainability. Clothes that can be bought in a large number of boutiques throughout the island and in each different brand’s online store, and which have been conceived to be worn by people of all ages, sizes and nationalities.

The 2019 Adlib Moda Ibiza Catalogue presents the proposals of the thirty-odd designers who have taken part in this year’s Catwalks, which featured top model Raika Oliveira as their main image. The Catalogue is also open to bridal fashion however, thanks to model Ana Vide, and to men’s fashion from Krys Pasiecznik. The trends presented for 2020 are full of sensual and romantic lines in which exclusivity and craftsmanship are to the fore.

The Adlib Moda Ibiza family is made up of emerging and avant-garde designers such as World Family Ibiza, Linnea Ibiza, Beatrice San Francisco & BSF Man, Evitaloquepuedas, Elin Ritter, Ibiza Stones, Marisa Cela, Ichiana Ibiza and Majoral; by renowned creators such as Virginia Vald, Tony Bonet, Ibimoda, Piluca Bayarri, Espardenyes Torres, Dolors Miró Senallons, S72 Hat, Ivanna Mestres, Elisa Pomar and Vintage Ibiza; and by those who advocate breathing life into sustainable, ergonomic and handcrafted garments, such as Monika Maxim Ibiza, K de Kose-Kose Privée, Trinidades Ibiza, La Brisa Ibiza, Estrivancus, Ángela Martí, Belén Boheme, Tanit Jeans Ibiza and Etikology.

Adlib - Jordi Gómez

Ibizan Fashion

Yugoslavian “princess” Smilja Mihailovitch was instrumental as the nascent style’s global ambassador. In Ibiza, Smilja found the spirit of a free woman, whose beauty was not only natural but also fresh and authentic, lighting the way for Earth-minded designers from Ibiza and across Europe as they moved toward more lightweight, white and hand-embroidered pieces whose cuts allowed enough movement to showcase the female form.

Princess Smilja Mihailovitch, in the middle, after one of the first editions of the Adlib catwalk

The Adlib Moda Ibiza family

Source of inspiration for the world's best designers

“Freedom“ since 1971

In 1971, the first Ibiza Fashion Week was the backdrop against which droves of recently-arrived hippies, channeling the inherent delicacy of naturally coarse artisan materials, went wild for traditional island wear. The multiculturalism of an island that teemed with artists and globetrotting visitors filtered into homegrown fashion and traditional island apparel, the latter becoming ever lighter and shapeshifting to absorb newly emerging trends…eventually creating a space for Moda Adlib. The name was coined by one of the firm’s original architects, José Colomar, the hitherto next-in-command of Ibiza’s tourism promotor, Fomento del Turismo. Backed by the local chamber of commerce, the group helped support and consolidate a brand name borne of the Latin adage “ad libitum,” meaning “freely”.

Adlib Ibiza


Photographs courtesy of
Jordi Gómez and Daniel González


Adlib Ibiza

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