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Santa Eulària des Riu

Santa Eulària des Riu

Pure Magic and Beauty

Time passes differently in Santa Eulària des Riu. Its past has seen transformations that have brought modernisation but always safeguarding its true essence, which remains majestically untouched.

The light accentuates its forms and fills the landscape with intense colour. Red is the earth of its fertile fields, combining farmland with fig, almond, olive and fruit trees, amongst which you can find secluded rural hotels with the most exquisite service. In Santa Eulària des Riu it’s easy to find peace among the pine trees that tinge the mountainsides with their bright green foliage.

With every step you take, you can feel the pure beating heart of the countryside, embodied in the traditional whitewashed houses where age-old flavours and aromas still hold sway. Locally-sourced and lovingly prepared produce from sea and land create unforgettable sensations. Whether you arrive by sea or by crossing the bridges over the river, you’ll find a warm welcome in this tranquil village, with its fortified church standing proud on the hilltop, its white walls in stark contrast with the ochre watchtower that once guarded the village fields and mills.

Splendid beaches and coves with transparent waters lie along a coastline where magnificent hotels providing a meticulous service blend with their beautiful setting. It’s no coincidence that great artists from all over the world have chosen this place to live and to create, for the light, for the sense of freedom and for the tradition and culture that make it so unique.

Santa Eulària des Riu


Santa Eulària des Riu
Santa Eularia des Riu
Santa Eulària des Riu
Santa Eulària des Riu

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