Eiviluxury, Aesthetic & Beauty experiences in exclusive Ibiza

Eiviluxury, Aesthetic & Beauty experiences in exclusive Ibiza

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Led by the prestigious and visionary Dr María Bufi, who over the years has been in charge of the Aesthetic Medicine and the Medical Laser in Ibiza, EIVILUXURY is born, a project – also championed by Dr María Bufí – which tries to create a new concept downtown, something holistic, integrated and absolutely artistic to understand facial and corporal beautification.

With a powerful list of services – in which the latest techniques in Facial Rejuvenation, Anti Aging Treatments, Body Care, Diets and Slimming, Wellbeing Solutions and, of course, Cosmetic Surgery are highlights – EIVILUXURY also adds incredibly contemporary proposals to its Cosmetic Medical repertoire for the most flirtatious, who will find the fabulous facilities of this Aesthetic Medical Clinic, such as a “gym”, last minute flash treatments and the “must” pre-party, essential to enjoy the island of Ibiza with their face and body 100% ready to go.

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EIVILUXURY has, as we would expect, leading professionals, state-of-the-art medical appliances and a highly qualified team that will make each and every treatment an unforgettable experience.

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More information: 971 31 29 02