Emergencsy Staff

"Innovation in healthcare management. 360º Global Assistance"

Emergency Staff was born in Ibiza with a social objective: promote health and wellness. We have got more than 12 years of experience, winning the trust and appreciation of all our sector, and getting for instance the 1st award for Balearic young entrepreneur at Ibiza. A young and multidisciplinary, innovating, and pioneering team, compound by doctors, nurses, nurse’s assistants, lifeguards, physiotherapists…

We provide a 360º service:

• STOP COVID Project: Personal protective equipment, COVID-19 training, antigen screenings, internal audits and monitoring.
• COVID Tests: PCR, antigen, ELISA, antibodies tests… Issuing of certificates for travelling, tests to confirm/discard diagnosis in case of compatible symptoms, …
• Global healthcare assistance at leisure environments: risk management and healt assistance at the best clubs, hotels, and private parties on the island.
• We teach specialised health training for the most exclusive companies in Ibiza, official healthcare organizations at Balearic Islands, and to remarkable companies of all Spain.
• Cardio-safe Project: within 5 easy steps, prevention-evaluation-installation-training-maintenance, we change the best Ibiza companies into Cardioprotected areas.
• Exclusive home healthcare assistance: 24h. / 365 days per year. Medical assistance, nurse, physiotherapy, osteopathy, wellness…
Our multidisciplinary team is always ready to answer your needs at any moment.



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