Emergencsy Staff

"Innovation in healthcare management. 360º Global Assistance"

Emergency Staff is a multidisciplinary company that offers a comprehensive management of health services. With more than 15 years of experience, multiple awards and national and international recognition, we take care of every detail and pamper each client in a personalised way. We have a professional and multidisciplinary team, made up of; doctors, nursing graduates, nurse assistants, physiotherapists, TES, lifeguards, social integrators...

We offer a 360º service:

Integral Health Management in leisure environments: Risk management and health care in the best clubs, hotels and private parties on the island.
Specialised health training: In keeping with the motto "Work the way you train and train the way you work", we offer training courses designed with the ES3 methodology. We train the most exclusive companies and official health organisations in the Balearic Islands, as well as prestigious entities throughout the national and international territory.
VIP home health care: 24 hours a day/365 days a year. Medical service, nursing, physiotherapy, osteopathy, wellness, etc.

Cardio-healthy project: Leading the project "Don't leave it for tomorrow", we plan and develop multiple cardio-protection and defibrillator use projects to achieve a healthy and safe environment in leisure environments, private companies, town halls and Balearic and national organisations. Our cardio protection project is aimed at any place with a large number of people and includes; advice, equipment and sale of defibrillators, training and equipment maintenance.

Stop COVID Project: Official COVID test clinic and development of customised web platforms for antigen screening and PCRs and other serological tests with the subsequent issue of the official European QR certificate, for hotels, private companies... We also sell health material and carry out training of this kind.

Other services: With a great corporate responsibility, we collaborate with humanitarian institutions such as Unicef, Red Cross, Caritas... We want to promote a culture of social awareness, as the values of our company are fundamental. This is one of the reasons that gave rise to our annual forum on emergencies and social problems, at local, regional and national level, training and creating professionals who are able to manage any situation that may arise in a hostile environment.


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