After several years of study and research in the world of the emotions of "haute cuisine", the prestigious chef Paco Roncero, with 2 Michelin stars, three Repsol Suns and one of the great references of world gastronomy, presents SUBLIMOTION. A radically different gastronomic show, limited to 12 diners, in a unique space, in a world where "avant-garde" gastronomy and innovation come together to create a complete and unprecedented emotional experience. 

Sublimotion is much more than a restaurant. It merges entertainment and gastronomy, where the diner is immersed in a virtual reality. Where nothing is the same and changes its appearance by the minute. Thanks to this, you can visit a dozen different spaces and places without leaving your chair.

The result is the result of the union of a team of chefs, illusionists, designers, DJs and music producers.


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