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  • Pepe Rodríguez

    Pepe Rodríguez

    Pepe Rodríguez Rey is an experienced chef who offers Mediterranean cuisine that stems from traditional recipes from La Mancha blended with modern techniques and an elegant presentation at his family restaurant "El Bohío" in Toledo. He was trained by cooking legends such as Martín Berasategui, his mentor. Rodríguez' “El Bohío” has received three 2014 Repsol Guide suns and one Michelin star in 1999. In 2010, he was awarded the National Gastronomy Award and that same year, along with his brother Diego, Iván Cerdeño and Rodrigo Delgado, he opened La casa de Carmen (Olías del Rey, Toledo) that also received a Michelin star in November 2013. Aside from being the co-owner of both restaurants, Pepe Rodríguez is also the owner of a restaurant, company and community advising company through the Bohío group.

    Since 2013, Pepe has gained recognition as part of the jury in all categories of the popular TV show MasterChef España, where he has shown his gentleness and professionalism to the contestants. Passionate about Mediterranean cuisine, elegant plates and modern techniques, Pepe seizes every opportunity to enjoy what he likes. That's why, in 2017, he took part in the first paired tasting with art and food of Spain.

    How I found Ibiza…

    I've been coming to the island since around six years ago and every time I have an excuse, I come, without a second thought. In fact, I'd love to come here every weekend to chill out and taste the delicious food of this island. I like the "spicy" side of Ibiza, its natural and crazy face. It's really easy to be happy in Ibiza and find what you're looking for.

    Some of its myriad facets…

    All my trips are food-related and this island has become my little haven, a place where I can enjoy all kinds of pleasures. I've tasted the best food in Ibiza. I think the way of cooking, of living the Mediterranean diet and enjoying the test of the sea are fascinating... Words can't describe how much I enjoy my trips here. I like going out for dinner and enjoying the famous shows of the island, eating on its heavenly beaches, full of beauty and natural wonders. I think it's amazing that such a small island has a wide variety of environments.

    A Luxury on the island…

    Without a doubt, sitting in one of the many delightful restaurants, close to the coves, relaxing, listening to silence while I taste the local food: bullits de peix, fideuà or rice. I love it!

    My favourite moment…

    I really like both aspects of the island: the parties and night life as well as the ever-present peace and quite. I think not getting to know both sides would be a pity, mainly the latter, unknown to a lot of people.

    A memory when I’m far away…

    I always remember its simplicity, its wild and unsophisticated side we're all looking for, and I've only found it here, both in its cuisine and its people. Ibiza makes me feel optimist towards life and it's an endless source of inspiration.

    The magic of Ibiza…

    Very simple! Ibiza evokes a lot of feelings in me. It awakens all my senses and reminds me that magic lies in tradition, in how rustic the island still is (although some people refuse to believe this). There is a "deep sea", old-fashioned, simple and humble quality and a living art that makes me crazy.

    What I tell my friends…

    My friends know I would not travel to the same place twice unless I loved its cuisine. In fact, I wouldn't dare to compete with the restaurants and chefs of Ibiza. I think there is honour in the fact that the people from the island still keep the same recipes and continue to enjoy the simple things in life. 

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