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  • Luis Galliussi
  • Luis Galliussi
  • Luis Galliussi
  • Luis Galliussi

    Luis Galliussi

    Originally from Córdoba in Argentina, he has now lived in Spain for 25 years and is one of the most influential interior design and decor specialists of the past few years. Some call him the 'Ferrán Adrià' of interior design and decor because of his particular style and understanding of this art.

    Upon his arrival in Spain, he began working in one of the top studios, that of Jaime Parladé and Mario Connío. He now has his own business and is considered to be a highly reputable interior designer both at a national and international level. His work can vary from decorating a luxury window display in Madrid (Manolo Blahnik) to the inside of Loewe shops, or restaurants and offices (Dunhill).

    He has worked all over the world, but is always hoping to escape to the island for a few days, which he sees as a "total luxury close to home". 

    How I found Ibiza...

    I first visited many years ago, in the nineties… and then in the year 2000, I bought my beautiful house, Can Kaki, my refuge, my place to relax.


    Some of its myriad facets...

    Without a doubt, what I like most is knowing that everything is going on outside and there I am in my house, in my relaxing bubble, getting to see many of my good friends.


    A Luxury on the island...

    The freedom of ‘just being’ and doing whatever you fancy. People always look beautiful on the island.


    My favourite moment...

    The best moment is early in the morning, going down to Jesus to buy food for breakfast in Can Pascual and feeling at home, looking out over the countryside, with the sea in the distance, and seeing how the daylight caresses you and proclaims that you’re in Ibiza. My favourite place in Sa Punta, Maria’s Beach Bar, is one of the remaining few built on stilts, and the food is perfect. All the produce is fresh and cooked on the griddle. I adore María!


    A memory when I’m far away...

    My walks around the coves with my dog Kaki, and taking long swims late in the afternoon before returning to my house and bathing in the fresh water of the swimming pool.


    The magic of Ibiza...

    The unusual mixture of everything going on, listening to 5 or 6 different languages at the same time in contrast to the natives of Ibiza, and for me, the most magical of all, is the Fort in the old city of Dalt Vila.


    What I tell my friends...

    I always try to break away from pre-formed ideas; I’m just not interested in them. I always say that this divine island of Ibiza isn’t what it’s marketed as. Instead, all this heady nightclubbing is just a small portion of what it has to offer. The most valuable things are the sea, the mixture of people, the eccentricity of the touristic wildlife and it is even better in the countryside, the isolated coves, the Mediterranean light, the earth, the almond trees, the fig trees and the luxury of not worrying about anything and feeling free and creating your own private island within the island. You always stumble across the sea and always feel like you’re a part of the island, you’re in Ibiza, the Ibiza of my soul… (and even more so off-season). 

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