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  • Lorenzo Quinn
  • Lorenzo Quinn
  • Lorenzo Quinn
  • Lorenzo Quinn

    Lorenzo Quinn

    Born in Rome, he is the son of actor Anthony Quinn, who had a profound influence on his career, as both men lived and shared the experience of working in the film and art world. Lorenzo Quinn studied at the American Academy of Fine Arts in New York. At first he wanted to be a painter but then, at the age of 21 he decided his future was in sculpture, where he could find an outlet for his energy and original ideas.

    As an artist, he defines himself as a “storyteller”, as each of his sculptures tells a story and tries to convey his lust for life, for pursuing dreams and not being left behind. Lorenzo Quinn’s work can be found in private collections all over the world and has been displayed in countless international exhibitions over the last 20 years. One of the works on show this year in Ibiza is called The Tightrope and was inspired by the saying “Life is like a tightrope, it’s easier to walk it if someone’s there to help you”.

    How I found Ibiza...

    I first came to the island 25 years ago with my wife, who had already been here before, and we both adore it. We’ve obviously seen lots of different sides to Ibiza over the years, the first period was when we were in our twenties, then we came as a family, and now our kids are starting to have their own experiences of the island.

    Some of its myriad facets...

    People who don’t know Ibiza have a preconceived idea that it’s some kind of crazy island, but they don’t know that it has many less well-known facets that are probably much more attractive, like the family-friendly Ibiza, the northerly beaches or that even in August you can find secluded spots with very few people, it\'s a fantastic place.

    A luxury on the island...

    Thinking of Ibiza brings a smile to my face, that\'s a luxury. The global jet set has opted to congregate in Ibiza every summer, because there\'s something special about it, because of the weather and the happiness of its people.

    My favourite moment...

    Ibiza gives you complete freedom, you can be whoever you want to be in Ibiza; you can go out during the day on your own and enjoy the sea and the amazing light; you\'ve got the best restaurants and a fantastic friendly atmosphere; you can be part of the madness but you can also find peace and calm if you want it. I’d describe Ibiza as energy and freedom.

    A memory when I'm far away...

    On my smartphone I’ve got the weather in Ibiza and in my home town, I like seeing what I’m missing every day when I’m not on the island...

    The magic of Ibiza...

    Ibiza has no reason to envy other islands around the world, with its fantastic sea, plus our ancient culture, so there are two sides to the island, its closeness and the Mediterranean. When you arrive in Ibiza you leave everything behind and you enter another reality.

    What I tell my friends...

    We tell our friends to come here, to find that natural energy high the island gives you and to recharge their batteries for the rest of the year. There’s a natural energy here transmitted by people who feel free and who are genuine; of course we also tell them about the endless possibilities in Ibiza, where you can do all kinds of things, day and night. This summer we’ll be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary here in Ibiza and many of them will be here with us.

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