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  • Javier Vargas
  • Javier Vargas
  • Javier Vargas

    Javier Vargas

    Javier Vargas (Madrid 1958) is a blues and rock guitarist, founder and leader of the Vargas Blues Band. He took his first musical steps in the family garage at his parents' house in the Argentine city of Mar de Plata, where he formed his first band with friends.

    After playing with a series of groups, in 1991 Javier decided to form his own band and so that very same year he recorded and produced the Vargas Blues Band's record All Around the Blues. It was the first link in a chain of records, which in later years would see Javier Vargas on a par with international guitarists thanks to his highly original take on the blues.
    Over the course of his more than twenty years with the Vargas Blues Band he has recorded over twenty studio albums, as well as three live albums and several DVDs of the group's concerts and various compilations.

    Leader of the Vargas, Bogert & Appice + Shortino project, which brought together the bassist Tim Bogert, drummer Carmine Appice, and singer Paul Shortino. He has worked with musical greats such as Carlos Santana, Glen Hughes, Raimundo Amador, Miguel Ríos, Andrés Calamaro, Prince and many others.

    How I found Ibiza...

    I discovered it in'78 when I went there for the first time and I haven't stopped visiting since. I'd describe it as my favourite place to live, a place that gives me a feeling of peace. I like to come back from touring and the madness of real life and get back to Ibiza, you can feel it before you land at the airport, when you can see the island below you.

    Some of its myriad facets...

    I love the countryside and the wildlife on Ibiza, as well as all the different leisure options and things to do on the island. It's really hard to be bored on Ibiza and it's full of beautiful people.

    A luxury on the island...
    The word Ibiza is synonymous with luxury, it's one of the most amazing places on the planet.

    My favourite moment...

    I like the spring and I have so many favourite places. One of those is el Salto del Ángel, which I'm sure not many people know.

    A memory when I'm far away...

    The feeling of peace that it gives me.

    The magic of Ibiza...

    Energy, peace and nature.

    What I tell my friends...

    In general, I'd highlight everything that I like, any of my friends that have visited have wanted to go back.


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