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  • Javier Moro

    Javier Moro

    Author of international successes such as “Pasión india" ("Passion India”) or “El sari rojo" ("The Red Sari”). He lives in San Agustín.

    Javier Moro studied History and Anthropology at Jussieu University. In order to write his first novel, “Senderos de Libertad" ("Paths of Freedom”, 1992), he travelled through the Amazon in a small plane, by canoe, bus and even on foot in order to recreate the story of Chico Mendes, a modest rubber tapper who turned into an international icon of environmental protection.

    A regular collaborator with foreign and national media, he has worked as an investigator for various books by Dominique Lapièrre and Larry Collins and he has co-produced films such as “Valentina” and “1919: "Crónica del alba" ("Days of Dawn”), both based on the work of Ramón J. Sender.

    He was awarded the 2011 Premio Planeta (a Spanish literary prize) for his work “El imperio eres tú" ("The Empire is You”).

    His latest book, “A flor de piel”, tells the epic story of the Balmis medical expedition that carried the smallpox vaccine from Spain to America in 1803.

    He is a sponsor of the “City of Joy” Foundation. 

    How I found ...

    I first saw Ibiza when I set sail from the peninsula and navigated along its coastline. I liked it so much I decided to settle here.

    Some of its myriad ...

    The peace. Nature.

    A Luxury on the island...

    The smell of the junipers, the colour of the water, a bike ride through the countryside, the taste of “Cuinat” during Holy Week...

    My favoutite moment...

    Dusk is a privileged moment. I love to watch the birds drinking from the pond as I sit writing in my office. They don’t see me...

    A memory when I'm far away...

    The quiet coves, the “bullit de peix”.

    The magic of Ibiza...

    Drives through the northern part of the island.
    Ibiza offers something for all tastes. That is why I say it’s a world inside an island.

    What I tell my friends...

    I tell them that Ibiza is like an elegant woman who keeps her best secrets hidden.

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