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    David Marqués

    Scriptwriter, director, playwright... A native of Ibiza, with a wealth of experience in the world of independent cinema and free of academic ties, he is the author of the multi-award-winning trilogy “Cualquiera”, “Aislados” and “Desechos” (“Anyone”, “Isolated” and “Waste”). He went on to direct for the first time a script written by another author : “En fuera de juego” (“Offside”), in a co-production with Argentina. His fifth film, “Dioses y Perros” (“Gods and Dogs”), entailed a change of genre from the most absurd comedy to the most intimate drama. All his films have received awards at national and international Film Festivals.

    In 2019 he wrote the script for “Campeones” (“Champions”), directed by Javier Fesser, Spanish cinema’s greatest commercial and critical success in 2018. It was the highest-grossing Spanish film of the year and the one with the best reviews. “Campeones” won the Goya for Best Film, the Forqué prize for Best Film, the Feroz prize for Best Comedy, and was selected by the Academy to represent Spain at the Oscars. This film earned him a nomination for the Goya for Best Original Script, and he won the National Sports Award applied to Arts and Sciences.

    How I found Ibiza…

    Bearing in mind that I was conceived and raised on the island, I should really say that it was Ibiza that found me.

    Some of its myriad facets…

    I think that if we say there are only a thousand sides to the island, we’d not be doing it justice; there is an infinite number of sides to Ibiza, and each one of them makes this island what it is.

    A luxury on the island…

    In fact I’d say that the island is a luxury.

    My favourite moment…

    My favourite place and time is my childhood in Sant Antoni, a Sant Antoni that I remember as being just as joyful, colourful and naive as the one depicted in the programme that TVE dedicated to Peret in the early 70s. A Sant Antoni where I had the happiest childhood any kid could possibly have. Besides, thanks to the Torres and the Regio Cinemas, I discovered my passion before I even became aware of it.

    A memory when I’m far away…

    Everything and nothing. The “nothing” is because I never forget about the island, so I don’t need to remember it; it goes with me wherever I go.

    The magic of Ibiza…

    Being able to go, in just a few kilometres, from the wildest party to the most absolute tranquillity. From the craziest night to the most relaxing day.

    What I tell my friends ….

    My friends know me well, and they don’t need me to tell them what Ibiza is and what it means to me.

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