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    He was born in Madrid in 1983. He was lucky enough to train at the prestigious “El Cenador de Salvador” cookery school, where he discovered and learned to cook to excellent standards. After graduating from the school, he set out to discover the world through great restaurants, where his main mentors were Santi Santamaría, Martín Berasategui, José Juan Castillo, Juan Mari Arzak, Alfonso Iaccarino and Joel Robuchon. They all taught him the love of the craft, respect for traditional recipes and old-school values, many of which are sorely lacking in today's society.

    After a lot of comings and goings, he landed in Ibiza where he spotted a niche for an haute cuisine project like the one he decided to launch with his partner Antonio Gallart. Together, they embarked on this business venture with the great challenge of obtaining Ibiza’s first ever MICHELIN star. Es Tragón was launched in June 2016, and after a lot of hard work and dedication, in just three years and five months the dream came true.

    How did you discover Ibiza?

    As a result of a job offer in 2010.

    What does Ibiza mean to you?

    Nature, roots, life, light, tradition, love, family...

    What does the island transmit to you?

    Bliss, possibility, trust, openness, togetherness, community...

    What are your favourite things to do in Ibiza? 

    I love spending the whole day on the beach with my family and being in the water when the sun goes down.

    Which song makes you think of Ibiza, and why?

    Nací en el Mediterráneo by Serrat, because I sing it to my son Lucas.

    A special memory?

    The last visit I received from a relative, who is unfortunately no longer with us, and the meal I had with her at S'Illa des Bosc.

    What do you tell your friends about Ibiza?

    Ibiza is more than just night life. There are 60 different Ibizas and you should see them all. But don’t just come in August.

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