The Ibiza Wedding Planner

The Ibiza Wedding Planner is a company that specializes in beautiful weddings special moments in Ibiza.
We pay the greatest of attention to the details of each of you weddings, making sure that the design reflects the personalities of the Bride and groom, as we as their personal love story. By trusting a wedding planners services you can count on the run up and on your big day, being made easier, less stressful for you and giving you and your guests a higher quality experience.

We have a large portfolio of venues that we work closely with as well as enjoying a close working relationship with high quality companies in the bespoke business. Hence, the result being beautiful luxurious weddings!
Our objective is to assist you in all areas and stages of the planning of you wedding and the day it's self. Paying the utmost respect to your, wishes, ideas and dreams. we will walk with you to the" I do", we will be there every step of the way.
We will take care of every detail, so that your big day, will be a dream come true.

"How would the wedding of your dreams be? Come and share it with us, at The Ibiza wedding planner we will make it come true!"

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