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  • Sebastián Gamboa

    Sebastián Gamboa

    Being Ibiza the city where I grew up and music one of my greatest passions in life, my professional future was very predictable. 25 years underwrite my career as a DJ, and despite a musical career that has taken me around the world, Ibiza will always be my home. How couldn't I always keep in mind the place where I started, I trained and I made myself known? Currently, I enjoy the island with my Vintage party every Friday at Lio Ibiza and Mondays at Pacha Ibiza.

    How I found Ibiza...

    I live in Ibiza since I was 4 years old and I've always felt that this is my home. I have travelled around the world but I've always thought that there is no better place to live ... The truth is that I'm lucky to live in a place that gives me so much.
    Some of its myriad facets...
    All of them. I think that's the secret of the island. It has so much to offer to both those who come on vacation and those who live here. The ocean water is unbeatable, the nature inland will make you fall in love, the leisure offer is the best in the world, and of course, the people who inhabit it.

    A luxury on the island...

    The quality of life

    My favourite moment...

    It's very difficult for me to decide for a place or moment because I can think of thousands of them. However, something that is breathtaking and a must see is a sunset from the highest point of Sa Talaia.

    A memory when I'm far away...

    As I told you before, I spend a lot of time away because of my work. No matter how beautiful the place is when I travel that I can't stop thinking about when I'm coming back home. It's not a specific thing, it's just the fact of being here.

    The magic of Ibiza...

    It is such a beautiful place that makes moments be magical. When you arrive at a place that puts you in a good mood and where everything seems perfect ... Don't you think that's magical?

    What I tell my friends

    Ibiza will make you fall in love, first for what you see and then for what you discover little by little ... There are so many reasons why I recommend it that it is difficult to highlight specific aspects. The best definition is that there is no place in the world as incredible as our island.

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