Born in Barcelona in 1978, son of a renowned chef, he started learning at home, in his father’s restaurant, who did not want him to become a chef because it is such a tough profession. In time, what started out as a way to earn some pocket money became his profession when he discovered other hotels and restaurants. He has worked at different five-star hotels in Barcelona with Juan Piqué and Mey Hoffman, both of whom have earned a Michelin star. He also spent some time in Peru working with Gastón Acurio and Mitsuharu Tsumura at their restaurants, which are among the world’s top 50 restaurants.

    How did you discover Ibiza?

    Everyone knows about Ibiza, everyone wants to go there and that applied to me, too. Although I discovered the real Ibiza when I went to work at the Ibiza Gran Hotel, it's amazing that I’m still learning about it 14 years later.

    What does Ibiza mean to you?

    It’s my home. My sons were born on the island and the community couldn’t make me feel more at home. I feel lucky to live in this paradise.

     What does the island transmit to you?

    It transmits calm, safety and the feeling of living a happy life. It gives me moments of pleasure with my friends and family.

    What are your favourite things to do in Ibiza?

    Watching my kids play short tennis or football and then going out for dinner as a family, trying other restaurants and destinations on the island.

    Which song makes you think of Ibiza, and why?

    Zakarnok by the San José Football Club. I love it! I feel the colours.


    A special memory?

    I couldn't pick just one memory. I have so many. I've had some great times in Ibiza and I hope to experience many more.

    What do you tell your friends about Ibiza?

    I’ll bring the wine!

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