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    Mireia Canalda

    Mireia Canalda is a model, anchor, actress, blogger and designer of her own clothing brand. Proud of her family and happily married to retired swimmer and model Felipe López, she has two children: Inés and Nuno. A full-fledged fashion icon in Spain who currently has over 56,000 followers in social media outlets such as Instagram, she is the cover of magazines, marketing campaigns and TV shows. When she started, at barely age 12, the media referred to her as "the future top model of 2000".

    Recently, she has been the star of multiple renowned campaigns all over the world, she has worked for several TV shows such as the Eurocup, the GH debate, El Club or Arucitys and she has found success on several national and international reality shows, such as when she anchored the travelling show "Latin Angels Special" that was broadcast across Latin America and Miami. Canalda is also an actress and she has worked in films such as La Venganza de Ira Vamp and The International.

    Now she writes her own blog in magazine HOLA called "Las Canalladas de Canalda" (Canalda's Mischiefs) where she speaks about her daily life and motherhood. She is in love with Ibiza and has walked the Adlib Runway and has chosen the island as her vacation spot for years. 

    How I found Ibiza…

    I guess it's the same that happens to everyone. You decide to spend a few days on the greatest island ever, for its night life, events, beaches and beautiful people, the island everyone's talking about, and you feel special just for having the opportunity of coming to this little paradise. When you discover the real Ibiza, you realise that your expectations fell short.

    Some of its myriad facets…

    I love the feeling of being a part of the island, getting all the energy it gives me. As soon as I step out of the plane, all my senses awaken and start preparing to enjoy the island fully. The thing I like the most is the clean air of this paradise. Ibiza has a special magic to it, indescribable, which helps me to find my stronger self, my most authentic and free self. 

    Each time I come to Ibiza, when I think I've seen everything, I discover a new place or feeling that surprises me as much as the previous one. I love the sea, treading the waters of the Mediterranean and just relaxing and enjoying the natural wonder. Another passion of mine is walking by the crafts street markets, where I always buy really original pieces that you can't find anywhere else.

    A Luxury on the island…

    Its energy. The energy this island gives you is truly magical.

    My favourite moment…

    The S'Estanyol beach was the setting of my best memory. There are more spectacular places, but on this beach I've lived very special moments with my husband. We decided to sleep for four nights on the beach and we will never forget those days.

    A memory when I’m far away…

    Peace, calmness, serenity, love, purity, wellbeing. This island has everything for me and that is what I remember when I think about it.

    The magic of Ibiza…

    It's not easy to explain. What I can say is that, for me, it is a mix of calmness, love, health, relax, an urge to take care of yourself and the person besides you, to meditate and eat healthy food, always savouring each opportunity this paradise offers, such as making new friends or spending time with your loved ones. In one word, is wishing the clock to stop and never wake up from something that's better than a dream.

    What I tell my friends…

    That's an interesting question, as I'm from Catalonia, but since I was 16 -which is when I came to Ibiza for the first time- I tell everyone that my roots are here. It means so much to me and this place gives me so much love that I feel as it is just mine.

    When they're coming to the island for the first time, I choose not to rush and not reveal anything they might feel. I prefer telling them to rent a car and take it easy.

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