Model, actress, TV presenter and an entrepreneur with her own business.

    Mother of five sons and a fashion, beauty, family and lifestyle influencer.

    She was discovered by ELLE magazine and won the “Face of the nineties” competition. She was a contestant in prestigious beauty contests like “The model of the world”, in which she was a finalist and which launched her international modelling career.

    She shared her career and experiences with other prestigious supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Ell Macpherson and Linda Evangelista. She has been photographed by top fashion photographers like Mario Testino, Peter Lindbergh and Javier Vallhonrat. Her face has graced numerous magazines as one of the most successful, elegant women in Spain. In fact in 2013, she received the “Golden Thimble” as a representative of fashion and elegance.

    In 2011, she became an ambassador of Women Together for the development of fashion in Latin America and, since then, she has been working with the NGO as a UN representative. Likewise, in 2017, she was named ambassador of the Colonial City of Santo Domingo.

    In 2021, she received the Luxury Advertising Awards prize for her career in luxury brand advertising. The same year, she received the award for her work as the Women Together ambassador at Publi Festival 20-21.

    Her television debut came in 1991 with Emilio Aragón in “VIP NOCHE” and “VIP CORAZÓN”, on Tele5. She has made numerous TV appearances since that time.

    In 1992, she co-presented the Spanish version of the Italian contest “Bellezas en la nieve” and in 1998 she presented “La música es la pista”, going on to become a television star on international channels like RAI and Canal + France.

    Mar has showed off her acting abilities in series like: “Canguros”, “Hermanos de Leche”, “Ada madrina”, “La virtud del asesino”, “Un hombre solo” and “El secreto”. She has also appeared in films like “Final Result”, “El Coyote” and “The naked years”, in which she starred.

    Her most recent television appearances were on the Masked Singer (2021) and “Y Ahora Sonsoles”, a programme in which she is still a collaborator.


    How did you discover Ibiza?

    I first went to Ibiza for work. I went to an Adlib fashion show and flew to the marvellous island of Ibiza for the weekend. And it was a revelation. I remember feeling I had found a true paradise in Europe.

    What does Ibiza mean to you?

    It means switching off, relaxing and finding myself.

    What does the island transmit to you?

    Peace, fun and happiness.

    What are your favourite things to do in Ibiza?

     In summer, I like going in the opposite direction to people. In other words, everyone goes to the sea, so I stay at home, and when most people are out partying, I go to the sea. I love going out sailing after five o'clock, sleeping at sea and coming back at noon or one o’clock in the afternoon.

    Which song makes you think of Ibiza, and why?

    There isn’t a particular song that makes me think of Ibiza, but I tend to listen to chill-out and relaxing music there. That’s really the style that suits my mood when I’m on the island.

    A special memory of Ibiza?

    My most special memory of Ibiza was finding it for the first time when I went in the nineties. I can't forget that what struck me most was the freedom with which people moved around, that characteristic hippie style. I was fascinated with the way people dressed there. In Ibiza, people dress in a way that you couldn't dress anywhere else. I had my Ibiza wardrobe which was not the same as the clothes I wore in Madrid. People don't dress like that anymore, but I thought it was marvellous. Wearing flats, flip-flops. I was hooked on the hippie style of Adlib fashion. Fed up with high heels, with catwalks, with makeup, Ibiza was the epitome of freedom and relaxation for me.

    What do you tell your friends about Ibiza?

    Maybe people who don't know Ibiza very well think of it as a party island, with nightclubs and after hours... A world of non-stop drinking, partying and late nights. Although that exists, Ibiza is much more than that. And that’s one thing I like to stress when I talk about the island, that Ibiza has it all. For example, when I’m there I rarely go out partying. I might go out once or twice, but the rest of the two or three months I spend there (or however long) in summer, I live a far quieter life: making dinner at home, day trips, enjoying the sea and nature, exploring coves and less-known, less crowded places. That’s the face of Ibiza I prefer and which I really hope will be conserved for many years.

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