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    Madame de Rosa

    Madame de Rosa is a blog edited and created by Ángela Rozas Sáiz. Started in June 2011, it includes information about new looks and Ángela's work and travels in the world of fashion. It belongs to the "Egoblog" category and currently gets 4,500 hits a day.

    The log began as a hobby, a way to escape the daily grind of her real job as a nurse.

    It currently boast thousands of followers on social networks:

    675.000 followers on Instagram.

    46,000 followers on Facebook.

    She has worked on the image of several labels such as Yves Saint Laurent, Lancaster, Loewe, Sony, Women\'s Secret, Tete by Odette, Emonk Ibiza and others and has been the Las Dalias Official Ambassador since 2013.

    She has worked on the styling for different catalogues and fashion publications.

    How I found Ibiza...
    I discovered it thanks to my husband, he knew I'd love it and took me on my first trip there. I always try to get away to Ibiza in the summer. I'm always coming and going, both for work and pleasure.

    Some of its myriad facets... 
    I like all the different sides to Ibiza... If there's something that fascinates me about Ibiza it's that if you want peace and tranquillity or if you want fun, it's the place for both those things.

    A luxury on the island...
    You can go to the most luxurious place on the island or the most remote and nobody looks at you or judges you.

    My favourite moment...
    For instance, my wedding: I got married watching a sunset on the beach.

    A memory when I'm far away...
    The freedom you breathe in as soon as you land.

    The magic of Ibiza...
    I think that magic is a mix of modernity and freedom, you feel it from the first moment.

    What I tell my friends...
    You have to visit because it's the place where you can be yourself.

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