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    Josef Ajram

    Josef Ajram Tarés (5 April 1978, Barcelona, Spain) is a broker coach and triathlete from Barcelona, born to a Syrian father and Catalan mother. He has worked in the financial markets since he was 21 when he landed at the Barcelona Stock Exchange in search of an opportunity. An investor noticed him and gave him work in a securities broker. After a few years, once he realised he had a flair for it, he also realised it was a really thankless task and resolved to set up on his own. His philosophy since then has been to work for eight hours, spend another eight on himself and eight asleep. It was then that he began to develop a passion for sport. He was 24 years old. He had played basketball as a teenager and then mountain biking, but at that stage it had been a couple of years since he\'d done much sport.

    He joined a gym with the aim of taking up paddle tennis and there came across men much older than him who were preparing to compete in an Ironman. He didn\'t give it another thought, dropped his racket and started training with them. The next year, in 2004 he completed his first long-distance triathlon: the Australian Ironman, the first of many such competitions he would compete in. He has participated on 3 occasions in the Maratón des Sables, 5 times in the Titan Desert (2nd place in 2006), and was the first Spaniard to finish the Hawaiian and Canada Ultraman, one of the world\'s most challenging triathlons. In 2011, he was one of the five chosen to compete in the Epic 5, 5 Ironmans in 5 days across the 5 islands of Hawaii and finished first. He has also been a runner up in trials such as Cape Epic, the Quebrantahuesos, La Ruta de los Conquistadores, the Paris Roubaix and the Great Wall Marathon.

    With his experience in the world of coaching and public speaking, Josef gives business and motivational conferences at universities, meetings and businesses, specially aimed at management teams and sales departments of large multinationals.

    How I found Ibiza...
    I discovered Ibiza many years ago at the age of 18, first it was just the odd visit, and later I was drawn in by the feeling of relaxation it gave me and the summer parties. I now have a second home here and I try to spend as much time as I can on Ibiza, especially in spring and summer. I like to arrive in April and feel the peace and tranquillity on the island before the crazy summer months. But I also love going out at night and seeing the transformation to night-time Ibiza as it changes from peaceful paradise to nocturnal craziness, a unique transformation.

    Some of its myriad facets...
    I\'m enchanted by all of its different faces, but few people know the relaxed side of Ibiza, or what for me is a chance to recharge my batteries. I love the outdoor sports you can do here. I usually do a lot of sport in Ibiza, both cycling and running on the virgin trails around the island. In fact I come to Ibiza at all different times of the year whenever I need to switch off for a couple of days, it helps me reset my clock and mind and recharge myself for those frenetic Barcelona days.

    A luxury on the island...
    As I said before, the fact that it\'s so near. Lots of people waste time travelling to far-flung Pacific islands when they have one of the best islands in the world less than an hour from home. And apart from being really close to home, it has everything you need whether that\'s leisure time, cuisine or whatever.

    My fovourite moment...
    The sunset from Es Vedrà is unique. Or whiling away an afternoon and evening at Na Xamena or eating at Las Salinas, especially in the Jockey or Sa Trinxa, watching the sea with music in the background.

    A memory when I\'m far away...
    When I leave Ibiza I miss that feeling of relaxation I feel on the island. I arrive on Ibiza and I can switch off from work for a few days. I can enjoy good food, sunbathing, partying or just doing sports on different parts of the island, something that I can\'t do anywhere else. Also, what makes Ibiza unique is meeting people from different countries, cultures, these differences on such a small island are what make it a unique place.

    The magic of Ibiza...
    You can\'t explain its magic, Ibiza can\'t be explained. Everyone has to feel it, to discover it for themselves. You discover Ibiza\'s magic when you make it your place, when you feel you are where you\'ve always wanted to be and you feel happy there.

    What I tell my friends...
    I always say the same thing: I\'m not going to recommend anywhere, not a beach or a restaurant, not even a corner of the island. Go, explore, enjoy and make it your own. That\'s the best way to enjoy Ibiza in complete freedom.


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