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    Chico Flores

    José Manuel Flores Moreno, born on the 6th of March 1987 in Cadiz and known as Chico Flores in the world of football, is a professional Spanish footballer. A defender, he currently plays for Lekhwiya SC in the Qatar Stars League.

    Professional career:

    - Lekhwiya (Qatar) 2014/2016
    - Swansea City (England) 2012/2014
    - Majorca (Spain) 2011/2102
    - Genoa (Italy) 2010/2011
    - Almeria (Spain) 2008/2010
    - Barcelona (Spain) 2007/2008
    - Cadiz (Spain) 2001/2007


    How I found Ibiza…

    Some friends from Ibiza encouraged me to visit the island about 12 or 13 years ago and I’ve been coming to the island every year since then whenever I have some time off. I do the same things as I did when I first came to the island, but I have many more friends there now and I know the island and its charms so much better now.

    Some of its myriad facets...

    I like everything in general, the people, the atmosphere, the weather, the beaches, the parties, the food… Most of all though, what I love best is the wealth of good friends I have on the island.

    A Luxury on the island...

    I think that absolutely everything on and about the island is just out of this world. You only have to see how it has grown in so many different ways in recent years and how more and more tourists are putting Ibiza at the top of their list of places to visit. Another thing that has surprised me a lot these past years is that most of the people who come here in the summer either to work or on holiday, decide to stay and end up living here all year long. 


    My favourite moment...

    My favourite moment is when I meet all of my friends again after not having seen them for the best part of a year because of my work commitments. My favourite place is Cala Jondal beach.

    A memory when I’m far away...

    The good times I have had with my friends there! Just thinking about them makes me happy and puts a big smile on my face because it’s not easy for me to visit the island for 11 months of the year, because of work and because it’s such a long way from where I am currently working.

    The magic of Ibiza...

    I would define it as something that everyone falls in love with when they visit the island. So many people visit the island for the first time and right away they start thinking they’d love to live there starting tomorrow. I guess I’m a good example of one of those people...

    What I tell my friends...

    It’s true that most people say you should visit Ibiza in the summer because of the weather, the beaches and the parties, but it is quite enchanting all year round. I would recommend you to visit Ibiza at any time of the year, although it’s true that summertime is the best.


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