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    Carmen Lomana

    Although María del Carmen Fernández-Lomana Gutiérrez was born quite by chance in León in 1958, she was raised in San Sebastián. Better known as Carmen Lomana, she works on TV and is a collector of Spanish haute couture.

    She is the widow of the Chilean industrial designer, Guillermo Capdevila (1947-1999).

    She came to public notice due to her frequent appearances in the tabloids and on TV programmes, becoming a popular figure associated with fashion and entrepreneurial activity in Spain.

    Carmen Lomana studied philosophy. She worked at Banco Santander in London and later entered the world of haute couture collectors.

    On 4 May 2014, she became the honorary patron of the “XXIX Exhibición de Enganches de Sevilla”, an antique carriage exhibition in Seville. On 20 February 2015, she presented her first fashion course in the international magazine “Pasarela de Asfalto, Luxury Edition”. She is a regular guest at the Ibiza Adlib fashion show.  

    How I found Ibiza…

    I first came to Ibiza when I was 15. We lived in Valencia at the time and we came here a lot because there was a direct boat to Ibiza. It was a dream because it was during the hippie era, and I loved coming and buying clothes. It was a different world that you could arrive at in a very short period of time. It changed your coordinates and it let you be more yourself than ever before. I have always dreamt of retiring to a lost island, like the Ibiza of that era.

    Some of its myriad facets…

    The way it is during the day; enjoying the sea, the beaches, nudism... essentially being oneself. I love being a part of nature, the simple beach bars we discovered years ago, which had the largest crowd of beautiful people I have ever seen. I love its nature, I enjoy it immensely. I have always been fascinated by the unaffected live and let livestyle of its people, always so progressive.

    A Luxury on the island…

    The silence and the people of Ibiza. I think it's wonderful. Its shops, essentially the life style of a place with so many bohemians who dress as they wish and dont worry about what others might say.

    My favourite moment…

    Always the beach. I am a sea person. The days when the sea is clean are wonderful. I just love lying in the sand and swimming. I enjoy sunsets with good music. Basically everyday life, the wonders of Ibiza.

    A memory when I’m far away…

    Everything. Going to a beach bar for lunch, the sun, friends, shopping. Although perhaps what I miss most is watching the sun set over the sea; the smell of the sea, the sensations of the sea...

    The magic of Ibiza…

    It is something intangible, it is transmitted by how it makes you feel when you are there. It makes you want to just drop everything. The island has an undefinable personality, you can only experience it by feeling it. The people who love and care for the island create the magic. It's an attitude I hope never gets lost.

    What I tell my friends…

    I always recommend Ibiza for the magic you find in every landscape, in its countryside whether inland or by the sea. Its unique, it has a magical countryside that conveys something telluric. It is something you only feel on the islands. 


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